Beginning Band


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Beginning band class at Bradley Middle School consists of a group of students divided by instrument classification. Some classes will be grouped according to the type of instrument, i.e. low brass; other classes will be “like” instruments, i.e. clarinet class or French horn class, etc. All students in these classes have been or will be tested to determine which instrument they will play. Instruments will be assigned primarily according to the abilities of the student and then the needs of the band program.

This course will cover basic fundamentals of tone production and note reading. This is an all-year class. These classes are combined at various times through the year to prepare for concerts. These mandatory rehearsals are usually held before school at 7:10 A.M. for two or three days before each concert. Students who have transportation problems with rehearsals or concerts should discuss the problem with their parents and band directors early so that a solution can be found. There are four mandatory concerts during the year, one in the fall, one during the holiday season, one in mid-winter and a spring concert in May. All concerts start at 6:30 P.M. unless otherwise specified. Beginning band students will also have the opportunity to participate in Solo and Ensemble contest held at Bradley Middle School in the spring.