Jazz Band

There are two jazz ensembles in the band program. All Jazz groups are advanced enriching courses that explore those styles of music not normally associated with concert bands. Students will trace the jazz influence on all forms of music, especially the music of the “Big Band Era”. Special emphasis will be placed on scales, chords, blues progressions and other music theory as related to composition and improvisation. Students are placed in jazz ensembles in May of the previous school year. Adjustments in students’ schedules will be made in summer band and at the beginning of school in the fall to assure proper instrumentation in both jazz ensembles.


This is a Jazz enrichment class for those students who are not yet prepared for the advanced performance of Jazz Ensemble I, in one or more respects. There are no audition requirements for this class and every effort will be made to prepare each student for advancement to the next higher group. This is also a performing group that performs at concerts and festivals. For the last three or more years, Jazz 2 has placed 1st in their division at Fiesta Jazz Festival.