Why join?

Why Join the Bradley Band?

Below are comments from some of our past band students.
  • Band is fun and I love playing music with my friends.  I’m proud that I elected band.
  • Band is inspirational, it opens you up to lots of new ideas and your home work is having fun.
  • I enjoy band because once a song comes together it sounds awesome and you feel proud of your accomplishment.
  • The thing I love about band is all the new friends I have made.  It’s amazing how much fun band is and how awesome the new friends are.
  • I love band because we are one giant family while having fun learning how to play an instrument.
  • I have made so many friends and it’s something I can get better at in the future and do in my free time.  I absolutely recommend band.
  • I love band because it has a wide variety of instruments. The band teachers are so cool and help you to play better.
  • I like band because of our great jazz band and all of our traditions we have.
  • Join the Bradley Band with all of the awesome teachers.  You will have a buncha cruncha band fun!  Bradley Band rocks!!
  • Band and jazz band are my favorite classes in school.
  • I’ve wanted to be in band since the 3rd grade and have loved it ever since.  Being in band is so much fun.
  • Once you know the notes, you can play anything.
  • I love band because you learn a new thing everyday.